For the past seven years, Wilbert has served as an expert consultant to scores of defense teams in both federal and state cases – in Maryland, Colorado, California, New York, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, and Louisiana.

He helps attorneys understand resistant clients and counsels defendants so they can gain a realistic perspective on their situation and the options that may be available to them, including trial, plea bargain, and a life sentence or long term in prison.  To promote better attorney/client relations and more effective assistance of counsel, he helped develop and is the coordinator of the Life Support Project, which operates under the auspices of the Federal Death Penalty Resource Project.


Having himself faced trial on the same capital charge four times, having spent 12 years on death row and other forms of solitary confinement and another 32 years in the nation's biggest maximum security prison—25 as the nation’s leading prison journalist—Wilbert brings unique insight and skills to capital defense efforts.


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 Supporting clients, attorneys, and the courts

Wilbert with Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsels

David Bruck (left) and Richard Burr




Attorneys:  Do you have a "difficult" client?  Does he refuse to see you?  Does he want to go pro se? Does he want to have the judge replace you?  Does he refuse to discuss certain subjects with you?  Does he tell you who you can and cannot talk to, what you can and cannot investigate?  Does he play games with the defense team?  Get in trouble with authorities?  Is he indicating an inclination to commit judicial suicide? In short, does he refuse to cooperate in his own defense?


Do you know why your client acts this way?  Are you frustrated with him?  Ready to throw in the towel?  Or do you want to fix what's wrong with your relationship to him and put it on firm footing so you can give him the high quality defense every American deserves?